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The Story of A Concerned Husband

salam n hye to all.
I wanna share with you a story….
there was once a man who felt that his wife was having a bit of a hearing problem. Trying to spare her feelings, he secretly decided to meet their family doctor for advice. the doctor suggested that the husband used the easiest and oldest technique to test his wife’s problem. that technique would be able to tell the doctor of how bad is the wife’s hearing loss.
“you have to stand about 40 feet away from her and have a normal chit chat with her using your normal voice and tone. If she could not hear you come closer to 30 feet. if she still couldn’t hear you, do it at 20 feet and continue until she could hear you.”
“sounds easy”, said the man delightfully. So, later that day, when his wife was preparing dinner, he estimated his distance from his wife.
40 feet. yup, this is about that, he whispered to himself.” What are we having for dinner, honey?” he asked, using the normal voice tone. She didn’t answer.
so he came closer. 30 feet…he estimated carefully. Again, he asked, “what are we having for dinner, honey?” still no response.
wow, this is bad, he said to himself while moving into 20 feet from the wife. again there was no response. he continued and became so close to her that he was just standing beside her when he asked,”honey, What’s for dinner?”
HIs wife turned to him and said,”For goodness sake, for the seventh time my dear. I said it is CHICKEN!”..
(LIFE IS AN OPEN SECRET- you, me and we)


Hello world!

Dear readers,

Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah for giving such a precious chance to me to continue breathing in His world till today. Also thanks to Him for giving me the opportunity to produce this  blog after a long time planning for it.

Today will  be the 64th day of the new tenure of Student Representative Council UTP (SRCUTP). But only now I have the opportunity to thanks to all of my supporters for giving chance to me to be one of the new line up of SRCUTP. What can I promise to all of you guys is, I will do my best to hold the trust that you have given to me.

In just a few hours, we will leave the 2009 and welcoming 2010 that is promising  more challenges and exciting year. Just wondering, what I have done along this year? Let bygone be bygone..Is it? Well 2009 has though me a lot of things. I really hope that all of the memories that I gained throughout this year will be beneficial for the future. Keep the good and review the bad things. Sometimes the bad things not totally bad but need to discover what is the meaning besides that.

Last but not least, all the best and let us renew our aims in turn to begin  the new chapter of  life.

 -ain r asman-